A Wordsmith crafts words into unique works

A Wordsmith crafts words into unique works

A Wordsmith crafts words into unique worksA Wordsmith crafts words into unique works

About Tara George: Children's Author and Writer

Tara George is a Children’s Author and Writer who enjoys reading and telling stories. She has always been an avid reader and quickly discovered the power within a story to entertain, enlighten, educate and generate empathy. She is passionate about sharing this discovery and the tools to unlock it. 

She took the indirect route to writing, first completing undergraduate studies in Nursing and postgraduate studies in Midwifery. Her first published piece was a short story, The Joy of Autonomy, included in the anthology With Women. Midwives Experiences: from shift work to continuity of care, collated by David Vernon and published in 2007. As a writer, she writes and edits online courses for midwives and has written several pieces for the Australian Midwifery News.

Tara has written two early-reader chapter books about geocaching, set in local National Parks. As a result, her author appearances often include treasure hunts, QR codes and temporary geocaches. She also loves to talk about storytelling, reading and writing. 

Recently Tara has joined the story city team as a community mentor, supporting groups to create interactive stories with social based outcomes. She has been a judge for the annual Prospect Library Children's Writing Competition since 2017, a guest judge for the City of Charles Sturt mayoral make a book challenge and a reviewer for the Raising Literacy Big Book Club. You may also recognise her from the geocaching activity at the inaugural Adelaide Festival of Children’s Book. 

She lives in South Australia with her husband and daughter. They enjoy going geocaching together as a family and exploring the beautiful and diverse Australian countryside. They have a quirky black spoodle who loves being the centre of attention and is eager to feature in a story. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the geocaches that Bradley and Molly find real?

No. Belair National Park and the Hallett Cove Conservation Park are real world locations in South Australia. You can walk through these parks, visit the places described in the books and match the pictures to the location. Although these parks contain real world geocaches, the geocaches in the stories are fictional. 

Why didn't you write about real geocaches?

There are two reasons:

1. I don't want to be a spoiler. The hunt for the cache is part of the fun of geocaching. I don't want to tell you how to find a carefully hidden cache. It would spoil the fun of the search and decrease the level of difficulty of the cache.

2. I can't guarantee the geocache will be there long term. I don't want to send readers on a wild goose chase for a geocache that has been shifted or muggled.

Who Drew the Pictures in TREASURE HUNTING TRIO and caught with the cache?

Kim Harvey is the Illustrator of the Treasure Hunting Trio series. For more information about Kim Harvey and her work, follow this link to her website: 

Why did you call your website justsimplydevine.com ?

When I was looking at a name for the website the domain tarageorge was already in use, so I had to brainstorm some other names. Devine is my maiden name and my Dad used to be called ‘Just Simply’ as a nickname at school. It seemed like an interesting name for a website. As there were a few ideas, I posted the alternatives in a comment on Facebook asking for preferences. The responses were unanimous for justsimplydevine.com 

Have you found all the geocaches in the photographs on your website?

Yes. All of the photos of geocaches on this website are ones that I have taken. They are caches that I have found whilst geocaching with my family.

Why do you call yourself an Author and a Writer?

When I created this website, I wanted to find a way to distinguish between the two types of writing that I do. I played around with different words and their definitions and decided to use the terms Children's Author and Writer. As a Children's Author, I write stories for children and find ways to help children to discover how amazing reading and writing can be. As a Writer, I use written words in a range of different styles and techniques to communicate to a variety of audiences. 

additional questions?

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