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Tara George: Children's Author and Writer

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Examples of Presentations

The narrative writing process


This session can be used to introduce a class to a unit on narrative writing. It explores the process of planning and editing, focusing on five topics: main characters, viewpoint, tense, setting and problem. 

Tara use examples from her work and current Australian literature tailored to the age of the audience. The session includes two interactive group activities about consistency in viewpoint and using words to create an image. 

The talk was initially prepared for a middle primary class, but can be tailored to the age and specific needs of the class.

reading:A developed superpower


Tara first used this theme in 2015, when presenting Premiere's Reading Challenge medals at Clapham Primary School. In opening, she claims to have discovered the secret to teleporting and brought it along in a box. Teleporting requires a superpower that is available to everyone. It is not an innate superpower but one that anyone can learn and develop over time. The audience quickly guesses the link to books and reading. Examples from current age appropriate literature are used to engage the audience and reflect on places they have teleported to using their superpower of reading. 

This talk is suitable for a primary school assembly or an individual class. An activity can be included with this session if desired. 

geocaching themed activities


Geocaching themed activities give participants a taste for geocaching through the use of a series of temporary caches hidden specifically for the activity. The clues can be written or QR codes.

Examples of geocaching themed activities:

- At the book launches of both Treasure hunting Trio and Caught with the Cache four temporary caches containing a clue were hidden and participants received a written clue sheet.

- I created a geocaching themed activity for the Adelaide Festival of Children's Books at Carrick Hill in 2017. Four temporary caches were hidden, with a QR code and written clue created for each location. The QR codes were plotted on a map so that activity could be completed by participants that preferred not to use QR codes

books as treasure


This decorative treasure chest has been useful in promoting the Treasure Hunting Series. It has also served as an excellent prop to talk about the value of books and to promote reading.

writing and self-publishing


This presentation is a candid discussion of Tara's experience self-publishing the Treasure Hunting Trio books.

Specific requests


Tara can tailor a presentation specifically to suit the needs of your audience and event